G3 Communities

What does G3 stand for?

G3 stands for three words: Gather, Grow and Go.

We believe these words represent three key things that God wants us to do, but more specifically, they refer to three relationships that God desires that we have as His people.

GATHER: Fellowship with Believers

Throughout history, Christians all over the world have made it a point to GATHER together as a regular rhythm of their lives. They loved and encouraged one another, and came together to seek God through worship, Scripture, and prayer.

As modern-day believers, we too desire to experience genuine community with one another and to enjoy our lives together.

GROW: Our Walk with God

Our relationship with God is our most important relationship and should be at the center of all other relationships. The Bible makes it clear that we were not only created by God, but that we were created for God. Our greatest desire and deepest need is to know the One who created us. In fact, Jesus came to make a way of forgiveness so that we could become children of God.

In Christ, we can GROW in a loving, joy-filled relationship with our Heavenly Father.

GO: Our Mission in the World

The Church is not simply a social club, but a group of people who have come to know the love of Christ, and in return, desire to show His love to the world. We serve a God who is on a rescue mission to save the lost, to restore the broken and to bring near those who are far away from Him.

God uses His people to be a part of His mission as He calls us to GO into the world around us to love our neighbors, and to bring with us the hope of Christ.

Interested in G3 Communities?

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