It is no secret that the last two years have been a whirlwind for so many of us. During this time, our leadership has sought to follow God’s leading in navigating each challenge we’ve faced. Throughout it all, God has been faithful and has sustained our church. Yet, we believe God wants his church to thrive, not just survive. As we look to the future and prepare for 2022, we are prayerfully considering what it means for our church to thrive. One piece is involvement. We want every single person to be plugged into what God is doing in our church. The second big piece is finances. After facing a season of uncertainty, we want to be financially sustainable so that we can be more generous and more freely follow God’s leading.

God has graciously opened a door. Though RiverTree Massillon currently has a building loan of just over $140K, we’ve been given a chance to fast forward and begin 2022 debt free! Through a unique opportunity given to RiverTree, we now stand with just $50,000 of debt to pay. Yes, you understood that correctly! If we are able to raise $50K by the end of 2021, we get to eliminate ALL of our debt. This immediately improves our financial situation, and saves us thousands in interest over the next several years of loan payments. Simply put, it allows us to be better stewards of God’s resources. The goal for this Fast Forward Challenge is to raise this $50K, removing our debt, which will enable us to be more generous and more involved in God’s work around us.

We are asking our RiverTree Massillon family to help us press fast forward through three faith-filled steps:

PRAY – Ask the Lord to provide the means for us to raise this $50K and eliminate our debt.
GIVE – Take a step of faith and give faithfully, generously, and sacrificially to the Fast Forward Challenge.
FAST – Refrain from some of your usual spending or consider selling something you own and use that money to help us reach our goal.

We have two opportunities to GIVE towards the Fast Forward Challenge

1. Donate on Sunday at our regular services by using the Fast Forward Challenge giving envelopes.
2. Click the GIVE button below, select your gift type and then the “Fast Forward Challenge” as your Giving Type in the drop down menu before proceeding.For more information on how you can give to the Fast Forward Challenge, including how to use investments and stocks towards this challenge, reach out to Anthony using the e-mail button below.